Pinterest – How it can help Your Local Business

Why Pinterest is a great way to promote your local business and how it can help you build your business presence online? I’m sure you already heard about it.. don’t you? So let’s talk more about the importance of Pinterest to your local business.

Pinterest is everything we love about social media rolled into one location. It’s highly visual, fast, and easy to share. More people are joining Pinterest than other social media, and what’s more, people use it longer and more thoroughly than the other sites. What this means is that people love to sort through pins on Pinterest. The demographic is largely female, married, and loves being creative. If you’re not on Pinterest, you’re missing out on a lot of traffic, which, according to Shopify is larger than Twitter! What’s more, people who view pins are more likely to purchase than people who view Tweets or Facebook posts.

If you have products that women are most likely to purchase, and you have the time or resources to hire someone to manage your account, Pinterest is right up your alley, because you can take visually pleasing photos of every product you sell and promote them via Pinterest. Ensure that the pictures link to the products and or services on your company website for the best results. You’ll need to update your content, and engage with others on Pinterest every day for the best results. Fortunately, it’s simple to use so you don’t have to hire a contractor, but you can for a relatively low fee.

It’s important that you remember to fully set up your Pinterest account with a great about section, your website URL, links to your Twitter and Facebook accounts, and add the Pinterest “PinIt” buttons to each and every product and service that you provide on your website. This may mean a complete redesign of your current website to make it more social media friendly. But, it will be more than worth it. If you use a platform, such as WordPress, it will be simple to update since there are plugins for Pinterest that will automatically update every single page of your site.

Don’t get so wrapped up in pinning and uploading your own products and services that you forget to engage with the Pinterest community. Social media is supposed to be social and not automated. That is a huge problem with Twitter, in that you can never be sure if you’re communicating with a real person or not. The Pinterest community likes to share products but they don’t want to feel spammed. They want to view beautiful and useful products without feeling sold to. If your photos are top-notch and your descriptions keyword specific and accurate, the work will essentially be done for you as people discover your gorgeous photography, regardless of what products you’re selling.

Be a real part of the Pinterest community for the best results for your business. Use the right local keywords, set up your account focusing on local keywords and phrases, and communicate with others who are local to you via Pinterest. Follow locals, share with locals, shop with locals and brag about it, and before you know it your local traffic will increase exponentially. Once your local traffic increases, whether you have a local business that is online or offline, you’ll see a huge increase in your website traffic and sales.

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