How to Plan Facebook Ad Campaigns For The Holiday Season

The holiday season is a lucrative opportunity for businesses as people increase spending on consumer goods. However, it’s also a very competitive time for businesses since there’s heightened marketing and advertising activity as everyone wants a piece of that pie. That’s why it’s essential now more than ever to have well-thought-out plans for your ad campaigns.

This is especially true when it comes to online marketing. Facebook is still one of the most powerful tools brands can use to sell their products online. Unfortunately, it’s also becoming more expensive. Ad rates also tend to be higher during the holiday season. That’s why it’s important to have a plan in place that ensures you get great ROI and don’t end up burning your marketing dollars.

Why is online marketing important during the holiday season?

There are many reasons businesses pay special attention to their online campaigns for the holiday season. It’s a special time of the year, and they want to make sure that they’re doing something special.

This isn’t a new phenomenon that we’re seeing with online marketing. Even before online marketing was a thing, you’d have businesses spend extra time and resources creating elaborate TV ad spots and print ads to capitalize on the holiday shopping season. However, online marketing has just taken it to a whole new level.

A good holiday marketing campaign is significant for small businesses. A successful campaign can result in a considerable jump in sales if they can gain traction.

Online marketing during the holiday season is vital for one simple reason: People are already primed to spend money. They’re either buying gifts for their friends and family or getting ready for the new year and want to try a new product or service.

So think of the holiday season as a special time of the year. Be happy to know that all of your potential customers are already primed for the purchase during this season. They’re there, dollars in hand, waiting to be targeted by an exceptional campaign that makes them want to part with their money.

Tips for creating great Facebook ad campaigns for the holiday season

1. Be specific about your campaign objectives.

Facebook lets you launch campaigns around a variety of objectives. This allows it to optimize the campaigns depending on your goals. They may include driving more sales, engagement, and app installs, website visits, etc.

Have absolute clarity on what you’d like people to do when they come across your ad. This is important to ensure that you’re not burning your ad spend on people who may not even engage with the ad. In addition, being specific about campaign objectives is crucial to achieving a strategic direction.

 2. Optimize your website for mobile shoppers

Most people access the web and shop for products online through their mobile devices. Therefore, it’s inexcusable for a brand to have a substandard mobile experience for their customers in this day and age.

This is especially important when running a Facebook campaign during the holidays. Over 98% of the social network’s users access Facebook through a mobile device. Facebook itself mentioned in last year’s Holiday Insights that the number of holiday shoppers between the ages of 41 and 56 that find mobile to be the best way to discover new products has surged by 96% in just one year.

Ensure that your website or online store is fully optimized for mobile shoppers. It should offer them a seamless user experience from the moment they land on the page right until they check out. Otherwise, even if your campaign is doing well on Facebook, there’s always a risk. Online shoppers might leave the website before checking out because of the substandard experience.

3. Leverage the holiday spirit in your campaigns

It doesn’t hurt to remind people through your ads that the holidays are a special time of the year. Use creatives that leverage the holiday spirit that gets customers in the mood to spend. Custom creatives are a great way to showcase how your products make the best gifts or even New Years’ resolutions.

Utilize this method to provide customers with an incentive as well. For example, if your brand doesn’t typically offer free shipping throughout the entire year, give that as a holiday incentive. It’s a great way to get those on the fence about purchasing to open up their wallets.

4. Test your creatives and ad copy

Never forget this basic rule of running Facebook ad campaigns, particularly during the lucrative holiday shopping season. Always test multiple combinations of creatives and ad copy. You never know which one might resonate the most with your customers.

Facebook’s algorithm is exceptional when it comes to picking the best combination. By letting your ads run for a while, you can determine which combinations are working and which aren’t.  Then tap those that aren’t and optimize those generating a positive return on ad spend.

5. Create a custom audience on Facebook

You may already have a significant presence on the social network. The holidays are a great time to leverage that for your campaigns. Use the tools Facebook offers to create custom audiences based on people that have already interacted with your brand on the social network.

Facebook’s algorithm shines when it’s used to create Lookalike Audiences. The algorithm can use the data on your existing audiences to find new audiences that are likely to be interested in your products. Take full advantage of these tools to get the most out of your holiday campaigns.

6. Don’t forget your retargeting campaigns

People are so bombarded with ads online that many subconsciously don’t register ads when they scroll past them on Facebook. No wonder consumers see an ad seven times on average before engaging with it. Your holiday ad campaigns will thus only be successful once you have retargeting campaigns in place.

A retargeting campaign shows the ads to an audience that has exhibited signs of interest in your brand or product. By reaching out to them again, there’s a greater chance of capturing their attention. This is important even more so during the holiday season when most of your competitors also use the same strategies to win new customers.

Preparation is key for launching successful Facebook ad campaigns for the holidays

The holiday season provides small businesses with an excellent opportunity to increase their sales. They can then carry that momentum forward in the new year and grow their business.

However, given the highly competitive nature of Facebook advertising during this time of the year, it’s vital that adequate preparation and strategizing is done before launching campaigns. As previously mentioned, ad rates tend to be high during the holidays, so marketing budgets can quickly evaporate if the movements aren’t properly optimized and targeted.

Don’t let that deter you, in any case. The rewards far outweigh the risks. What’s required is more diligence and thought. Taking that approach towards your upcoming Facebook ad campaign for the holidays will put you on the right track to achieve the goals you’ve set out.

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