3 Ways You Can Use YouTube To Promote Your Small Business

Have you been sleeping on YouTube marketing?

If the answer is ‘Yes,’ you’re not alone.

But the truth is that YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine.

Only Google sees high traffic.

This creates a massive opportunity for small businesses like yours to find a whole new audience with video marketing.

Here are 3 awesome ways to leverage YouTube and video marketing:

1. Show off your products and services

Do your customers know how to use your products and services?

More importantly, do they know the best ways to use your products or how to take advantage of your services?

If they don’t and you can help them get the most of what they buy from you, then YouTube is the best place to do it!

2. Film and Share Customer Testimonials

Customer reviews and testimonials provide powerful coral proof when a potential customer or client comes looking for the services you provide.

Because YouTube gets high traffic, it makes sense to share your customer testimonials there by filming them!

A video testimonial is more direct and appealing than a written testimonial. Your target audience will get to see your client’s face and hear their voice – and they can see the work you did and why the customer is happy with your company.

3. Use YouTube to Demonstrate Your Expertise

Building authority is essential if you want your customers to trust you!

Deliver on your promises…

Testimonials play a role in that, but it’s also essential to find ways to demonstrate your expertise visually.

One way to do that is to show people what you do.

Perhaps you are a local landscaper. You could easily demonstrate by showing a before and after of a grass-cutting project or a before and after mulching.

Maybe you are a local restaurant owner. You could show off your dining area. Perhaps do a series of meal preps along with the final dish you’ve prepared, certainly to whet one’s appetite!

Videos like these will inspire and entice customers to call your business for all of their landscaping needs, prepare their meals, or  to do all of that for them!

The bottom line is that YouTube marketing can be one of the best ways to connect with your audience, share what you know, and build a following!