10 Ways to Get More Leads with Online Marketing

You already know that you need a way to capture leads on your website. You can do that using software like forms from AWeber.com or use landing page software such as LeadPages.net. But what exactly do you need to do to get more leads with online marketing once you have that setup?

  1. Make More Landing Pages – Studies show that the more landing pages you have, the more sales you’ll make. Here’s the thing; you can make a different landing page for each client avatar you create for the same product. This enables you to persuade people more easily because you can be narrower with the information and content you make.
  2. Optimize Your Landing Pages for Conversion – Don’t skimp on the organization of your landing page to optimize it for search and for viewing by your ideal customer. Keep the navigation simple and stick to a single point on each landing page.
  3. Use Chatbots or Virtual Assistants to Engage with Leads in Real-Time– This is a powerful technology that you can implement for as little as $50 a month with a chatbot platform. Before calling or emailing, customers prefer working with chatbots first (even if they know they’re AI).
  4. Establish Thought Leadership with Your Content– Publish, curate, and share highly relevant content that shows your knowledge and attention to detail about your niche and audience.
  5. Create a Referral Program – Developing a referral program online is easy. It’s just a small plugin if you use self-hosted WordPress, and you can find referral programs that give points, cash, or prizes for recommendations.
  6. Create Gated Content to Capture Customer Information– Another way to capture leads is to make some of your content gated. You can even offer to let them download the content in PDF format in exchange for an email address.
  7. Work with Influencers– Social media is an amazing marketing medium, especially if you use influencers with a track record serving a look-a-like audience. A good way to go about this under a budget is to find influencers who have smaller audiences but are dedicated.
  8. Offer Free Assessments or Audits– Set up a landing page offering free assessments, audits, or discovery calls. This can be done by you or using chatbots and other AI, or by hiring virtual assistants. It’s up to you.
  9. Make Your Email Messages Sharable– You already have people you’ve moved to the email list that you market to on a more personal level. For some of the email messages, make them sharable and encourage the readers to share.
  10. Pay for Advertisements– Once you are set up with all the proper infrastructure, don’t worry about paying for advertisements. However, it is essential that you educate yourself on the right way to target your audience before you waste your money. Otherwise, hire an expert.

Getting more leads with online marketing is simple. This happens if you realize that you should incorporate many different methods to attract more audience segments. The main thing is to learn the proper methods and then get help from a professional for the more expensive ideas, such as PPC and chatbots.

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